Hi all,

I have some news that I wanted to share with you………….’Heads Up’!!!!!

Michael Wright, who was a formerly an instructor and training co-ordinator at Centre 22 Close Quarter Combat, has now set up his own training school called CPH2H.

He has developed a revised Unarmed Tactics for Close Protection course, which will run several times a year, the next course takes place in September. For those of you who attended the course in March, the format will be similar but we’ll expand on the material and move into new areas. Details are as follows:

Unarmed Tactics for Close Protection

Date: Sunday 21st September
Time: 12:00 to 17:00
Location: The Budokwai, London, SW10
Cost: £100 (£80 for Close Protection World members)

Course Content
This course is designed to focus on the threat of a single, unarmed assailant. Future courses will cover the threat of edged weapons, blunt weapons, multiple opponents and more. However, for September the program will be:

– Moving and clearing an annoyance
– Defence and counters to strikes
– Reversing and escaping a ground situation
– Two-man / three-man team scenarios
– Controlling and moving the Principal

Michael will be leading the training, assisted by a group of excellent instructors. They are long-term students of Michael, ex or serving military, several are active CPOs, all are very competent in the unarmed tactics program. He is always keen to have a good instructor to student ratio.

This course (and the future courses) receive my full and unwavering support.

For more details please visit http://www.cph2h.com/

Bye for now guys,