Close Protection & PSD training

The following companies have been recommended to me by some of the personnel who have utilised my CV service. PLEASE ensure that the course you select, whether it is on this list or not, is relevant to the sector you wish to enter.


Email: Via their website
Telephone number: 0207 060 2130
Sector: CP
Comments: The quality of their course reflects the expertise of their training instructors. I have heard great comments from all of my former CV customers who completed this in-depth CP package. Their training covers additional modules that sit outside of the usual 'tick the SIA boxes', which includes London knowledge and familiarisation on 5 star hotels/nightclubs/restaurants and shopping, Working with the media, Tactical driving (Protective Mobile Skills) – 1 car, Tactical driving (Protective Mobile Skills) – 2 car, Advanced driver training including Reaction to attack training, London driving module, Foreign and Middle Eastern Royal protocol, Introduction to fine dining and the 5 star life style, International travel, advice and equipment, and Unarmed Combat/CQC

Ronin™ (SA)

Telephone number: Via their site
Sector: CP & PSD
Comments: I have never heard a negative comment from former students. One of the key features of the course is the ‘hands on’ experience you gain whilst on tasks with the CP team and the Advanced Life Support Paramedics.

PSD Elite Training

Telephone number: 01227 764980
Sector: PSD
Comments: Visit their site for information on their PSD modules/courses.

Maritime Security Training

The increased level of personnel wishing to enter the industry has led to an increased level of training companies offering the Ship Security Officer (SSO) course. There is also a requirement for personnel to undertake a safety training course, which is known as STCW 95 and covers first aid, personal survival, fire fighting/prevention and personal safety & social responsibilites.

I have written dozens upon dozens of CVs for personnel who are either in the Maritime Security Industry or are due to enter this sector and the following training companies have been utilised by my customers (in fact most of the companies have also offered my customers contracts).

EOS Risk Management

Telephone number: 01782 283323
Comments: The company offers Maritime Security in the commercial sector in addition to providing training to personnel wishing to enter the industry. I have heard a few good reports regarding their combination course of SSO with an anti-piracy module, which appears to be good value.

MAST (Maritime Asset Security & Training)

Telephone number: 01279 669480
Comments: The company’s Head Office is in Malta and whilst the SSO course, if taken on its own, is conducted in the UK the other related courses such as the STCW 95 take place in Malta. MAST offer a number of combination packages including a specialist Counter Piracy Course which includes basic seamanship and weapons training. The fact that MAST provides security in the world’s most hostile waters is a good indication that their specialist Counter Piracy Course will be relevant to the industry you are entering. On a different matter I found their FAQ’S which is found when you click on the tab ‘About MAST’ very interesting as it gives an insight into the use of firearms and their SOP’s.

Red Ensign

Email: Via the contact page on their website
Telephone number: 01983 294088
Comments: A training company that specialises in providing maritime courses and do not supply personnel. What I like about their site is that they clearly display the fees that they charge so you can see what you will get for your money. I have received positive feedback regarding their training packages and as you can see on their website they also offer an all-encompassing range of associated courses, including RYA Powerboat Level 2 and RYA Short Range Certificate.

Securewest International

Telephone number: 01548 856001
Comments: Securewest International have been operating in the Maritime Security industry for over 2 decades and are quoted as being the market leaders. The training course that has been recommended to me is the combined SSO/CSO/Anti-Piracy package. This package includes a visit to a merchant ship, which I believe is a fantastic idea. The website mentions that 60% of students who attend this particular course gain employment with Securewest, which in itself is a great recommendation. A large number of my CV customers have been employed by the company in the past or are currently on a contract and I have only heard good comments regarding this firm.

Ambrey Risk

Telephone number: 0203 503 0340
Comments: I know a number of guys who completed their Level 3 MSO course and subsequently gained employment with this corporation.